week 20 RECAP

Well, I mean this week was alright. It was nice to have a three day weekend to relax and do what? Finish the Hamlet/Othello Research Paper. It was due on the Tuesday we got back at 7 AM and that was basically all we did. I mean, I got ahead and did my Literary Criticism story as  I watched a movie but it wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be overall. In terms of sleeping hours, I slept later than last week but it was still pretty good, at like 1 to 2:30 AM at the latest. I could’ve had an all-nighter last night but because I got ahead earlier in the week, I managed to sleep at a decent time. Now that it’s finals, I am trying to sleep really early so I have time to prepare myself. My grades are pretty much set in stone and I only have like three, maybe even two finals I need to worry about: Multivariable, AP Psych, maybe Econ, and not Lit. With an A in Lit, even if I fail the test with a 20/50, I won’t drop a drastic amount unless I get a 0 but let’s hope I don’t. Stress is building up at this point and we’ll see how I will handle it as I want to sleep by 11:30 and study really well even if DDT is in the way.

About DDT-related things, I’ve been dancing for five days straight. From Sunday to Tuesday, I had practice. On Wednesday, we had a hangout with the boys and the boys coaches eating at Bowls – this Japanese poke place that turned into a dance session into a surprise performance for Quest Dance Studio’s Q Minor. Last night was our final practice before West Co this weekend and with competition season coming up, I am stressing out to look solid as I perform in front of judges for the first time. I need to get everything ready before 9 PM tonight and sleep by 10 as I listen to my music and spot clean every detail I can. If dress rehearsal was bad and it was in front of the team, imagine when we take the floor at tomorrow night. It’ll be a rush and I am scared to the max.

In Multimedia, we were continuing our industrial design drawings and chilling as always. It’s not difficult to do with my background so it’s just a quick activity that I get done so I can move on to more important things. I guess it’s nice to learn the fundamentals of industrial design so I can expand my skills for the future. However, it’s unfortunate that I am not really learning much in what could be a resourceful. Now, it’s all about doing my homework in this class so I can get ahead and focus on other things such as DDT. As I finish this up, it is in my fifth period as it’s basically a free period at the end of the day.

While this marks week 20 of my 20-Time project, I want to say that not much progress has been made since we started. It’s all about sketching and doing random things that to be honest, I could do on my own with no sweat. The class is an easy A definitely, but the skills I learn in this class isn’t really A-quality. I’m glad and sad at the same time where my goal has gone to where I have shown more growth as a dancer than an artist.





week 19 RECAP

This week back was not as bad as I expected it to be but still, the fatigue after each day was pretty bad. I got an efficient amount of sleep due to my New Year’s Resolution of sleeping before midnight but last night was the worst night, sleeping at 1 AM. Let me rephrase that, I knocked out at 1 AM because if I went on with my AP Psych studying, I would do terrible and die out throughout the day. While I initially thought that I made the wrong decision, I did pretty well on my test in sixth period. It would be one of my best tests all year so far with a 90% 36/40 on multiple-choice with 5 points for the free response question, assuming I got it correct. That would make my score 77/85 and that score is fine with me. I am happy and satisfied this week is over, but there is a lot more to come and I am excited for it, yet stressed about it since time is passing by so fast. Whatever happens, my first initial goal is to sleep as much as I can in order to prepare to the best of my ability the upcoming competitions for DDT and finals week. With all of it coming up so fast, I think rest would be my key to success. Already having at least six hours of sleep a night on average this week, I think I can do better and sleep even earlier without having to procrastinate on any of my assignments. I managed to get ahead for Psych and finish my 20 point project due on Wednesday, but there’s my research paper due on Tuesday, extra credit due on Friday, Econ project due Wednesday, and so on. However, I would say this first week back was decent.

With a new phone, there is a new me and I am going back to learning Korean again as part of my goal. I have my apps and I am doing my best to spare some time in order to practice hearing the audio and writing it down. Although it’s a formal dialect, I’ll someday have the informal speech down by the end of the year as well and I’ll be okay. Right now, it’s the commitment to learn along with my commitment to the 30-day challenges and studying for my permit test. It’s been a while since my parents started nagging me to get my license so I should get on it and start working for it. Along with learning Korean, I would add permit test studying and less procrastination on my list of accomplishments before the semester ends and Spring Break. Let’s see how I do.

For DDT, besides the usual practice hours on Tuesday and Thursday, we are preparing for competition season more than ever and for the most part, I can say it’s going well. I’ve been doing my part and taking the corrections more seriously and going over my moves, listening to my music, everything that the coaches told me to do starting way back when. The countdown is officially one week left and it’s time to get it all together now. It looks fine now as a whole picture, but now it’s the details I need to work on still. But to tell you the truth, I think All-Male and Co-Ed looks nice at this point. I still need to review and go over my moves and changes as always, but I feel like the team is at a good spot before we take the floor at West Covina next week. There will be practice Sunday at 10:30 AM since we need to finish our Novelty Madagascar set, but I’ll let you know next week.

Lastly, for Multimedia, the art-portion of the week, it became more of a productive class this week than most of first semester. I was able to learn how to design sketch certain products such as today’s camcorder, yesterday’s projector, and either Monday’s or Tuesday’s printer. Mr. Cepeda is teaching us the basics for design sketching and he says that it’ll take a while for us to be experts at the concept, but I feel like I am getting the hang of it already. Transitioning from t-shirt designs and resume cards that we made before break, I am enjoying the familiar pencil and paper sketches. It’s what I do best and it’s great to go back to my comfort zone although I am learning something new. You would start with a box and make the design of a product one side at a time in its three-dimensional form. After you draw the outline, you fill in the rest of the details and shade in what’s needed and you’re good to go. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much time or effort and Mr. Cepeda has been telling us, “You have to draw according to the lines of the box and make them parallel.” With that in mind, everything he asks us to draw is quite feasible and it wasn’t bad at all in his class. Very chill and easygoing and I am looking forward to next week’s plans.


week 18 RECAP

Week 2 of Christmas Break wasn’t productive at all either. Other than the relaxation and DDT practices throughout the entire week, nothing else happened. I met up with my AP Lit group on Monday and we were able to start our research paper. Only DDT progressed and my sleeping hours as well. Art-wise, I haven’t drawn much or done anything on Photoshop lately since school ended. We have worked on our resume cards to give to people like a business card but in Multimedia, we weren’t doing much. I am thinking of starting another art project but I will have to look into it more. Also, maybe I should restart my goal of learning Korean and do that along with the artwork. Because there isn’t much going on art-wise, like putting my ability to draw to the test, I would rather try to do something more productive but still keep the art. It’s just for my sake but will allow me to talk about something else than what is going on in Multimedia. Winter Break is now coming to a close and now it’s back to normal.


The Christmas weekend and the week after was crazy and full of fun! I celebrated the holiday season for five straight days from the 22nd to the 26th before I had to go to practice. From the NHS Secret Santa on the last day of school, I had a DDT Holiday Party and Secret Santa on the 23rd, Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side of the family on the 24th, Christmas with my Mom’s side on the 25th, and a Friendsmas gathering on the 26th. Being with my friends and family this holiday season, as we gave each other gifts, the memories created before the end of the year made this 2016 a year to remember. Other than that, I didn’t really do much other than practice and gaming. I did homework a bit, but over this break so far, there wasn’t anything art-related. I wanted to focus on getting the rest and relaxation I needed as I slept at least 10 hours a day which was refreshing, and allowed me to practice to the best of my ability. I will say, though, the 10 AM- 3 PM practice hours were bad because it was too early and too long compared to our usual 3 hour practices. However, it was good that we were earlier in the day so we can go home earlier and still optimize our time given to do everything we needed to do routine-wise to prepare for our upcoming competition season in two weeks currently. Other than that, the first week of Winter Break was eventful and better than I expected. From everything, I was very sidetracked and did not wrap my mind about recording what happened in the last week and ended up missing yet another date. As this is the last weekend before school starts again, I am trying to get out of my relaxation mode and get back on track and engage in an efficient work ethic. Finals are coming up and it’s crunch time. 2017 is the year of productivity and I’m ready.

week 16 RECAP – before CHRISTMAS BREAK

This week before went on break was really just a relaxing week in itself. I didn’t have much homework or have any tests that I needed to worry about, which was really nice. I was able to sleep more and make it to school on time before the bell rang. I did more of what I wanted to do in my spare time and enjoy that week.

In Multimedia, besides the shirt and card-making on Photoshop, Mr. Cepeda gave us a chill week and gave us free time as always.

In DDT, we had our usual Tuesday and Thursday practice and had the Holiday Party that following Friday to be in each other’s company. To be honest, dance was a chill week as well but an efficiently chill week. We worked hard to do what we could in the time given: cleaning, running the routines, going over what we needed to. At the same time, everyone was ready for the holidays and Christmas. After waiting for so long, wishing for a break from everything, Christmas rolls around the corner and blessed us with its presence. It was great to see the team just bond with each other, but unfortunately, there is practice every day during break and it will definitely be a struggle. Monday was crazy with its 5-9 PM practice but today’s was chill but worse with its 10 AM-3 PM practice. Like always, I want time to pass by and get myself out of there. They devote a lot to the team but I don’t want to be there any more than the majority of the members do. If we had a choice to leave or stay, some of my friends and I would definitely leave. I would want to sit and do nothing than dance for four to five hours during my holiday break that is supposed to relax me and improve my mental health. This is just crazy to endure practice five days a week. I am so glad I will no longer be dancing in my college days. After experiencing this team, I am very much done with dancing. I’ll dance on my own so I won’t feel like it’s an obligation when it is a hobby. Three more days before the weekend break then another hell week and then two more weeks then competition season starts. There’s a lot to still do and I am doing my best to endure. We’ll see how it turns out later on this week.

Nothing really happened the week before break. Once we were off, the holiday spirit kicked in and it was an eventful week for me that I got sidetracked and forgot about posting. From NHS and Friendsmas part 1 on Thursday, DDT Holiday Party on Friday, Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side, Christmas with my Mom’s side, Friendsmas part 2 on Monday then practice that night and so on until now. I wish break is longer so I can actually get the chance to get everything I want done but time and time again, my theory is true: “With DDT, there is no break.”


week 15 RECAP

As I woke up at 8 AM and missed first period like last week, I started off the morning upset that I didn’t manage to finish my work, study for my Lit test, or get to school on time. Along with the first period absence, I walked into second period Lit five minutes late and I just had another rough start. I am thinking that it’s because of sleeping at 2 AM last night after practice and an all-nighter before, but I can’t believe how I wasn’t able to show up to school for a straight week in the past three weeks. My teacher must be upset with me and I wouldn’t blame her. Every time I wake up late, I just curse myself and wonder why it happened so often. In the previous years, I was able to manage just fine and be okay throughout the day, despite sleeping past midnight. I would do my homework and be able to walk to school with no trouble whatsoever. Compared to five tardies and a day off last year, this year is double that with a day off and ten tardies and absences. There is only four days left before Winter Break and I really need to pull myself together and show that my attendance is improving and will get better so I don’t lose so many points and jeopardize my grade. After watching our soloists perform in the rally performance, I emailed Mrs. Carlson earlier, apologizing for my consecutive absences. I don’t know how much she will believe my words but I swear these are unintentional. I am just unfortunate that’s all and still need to work on my time management. After practice, everything is just out of my mind and I get unmotivated to finish my work so easily. It felt like I didn’t have a lot to do, but in reality, I did. My Psychology letter project was due today for 30 points and I only finished the first one. I intended to do it at 4:30 in the morning until school started after a quick nap for two hours, but I ended up waking up at 8 and didn’t make progress. At this point, I feel like giving up on school and do the bare minimum for graduation and for grades. I am at a borderline A for two of my classes: Multivariable and Psychology and struggling to push through these absences and array of obstacles, work harder, and improve in the rest of my classes. Standing at a 90.3% in Multi, 90.9% in Psych after Mrs. Ahn updates grades, 95.2% in Lit without the essay inputted in because of today’s Lit test that I failed with the curve of a 96/100, 95% in Econ CP, an undefined A in Multimedia, and 98% in DDT (of course),. I am in good shape, but everything faltered after I saw the time this morning and came to school. At this point, 2016 is ending on a bad note and I don’t know what to do anymore but just face it and endure.

For art, we were continuing our gifts for Christmas with our T-shirt designs but I had a tough week that didn’t really give me enough time to work on it. I was focusing on all of my other work and slept in class that I didn’t get anywhere. When I had a question, Mr. Cepeda was busy and I didn’t want to wait anymore so I slacked off to do something else. I am close to being done with it, sort of, but it’s whatever. I use fifth period as a homework period and not really getting where I want to be when I originally signed up for this class.

DDT is fun, hard, and I am still struggling. The coaches and leaders weren’t too hard on me individually during our cleaning but I still experience the stress and pressure every practice and everyday the longer I am on the team and the closer we are to starting competition season in the next month. I am just going to practice to pass by but I do have a long way to go to be on par with the rest of the boys. I hope everything goes well in the months ahead and this year just gets better.

Week 16 has four days and I feel like Mrs. Carlson wants another post, but 2016 is winding down and I want 2017 to be better since it is my graduation year, but to demonstrate a positive change in my life and show that things are getting better. :


week 14 RECAP

In all honesty, week 14 may have been my better weeks of the year. Nothing was too stressful that it made me overwhelmed but my life has been all over the place in terms of the usual: sleep, homework, dance, leisure time, sleep again. This week, my sleeping hours were not consistent due to all of the things I wanted to accomplish before I went to bed. Unfortunately, they were all extra things I wanted to do instead of what I have to do and I could’ve gotten at least three to four more hours of sleep a night. Starting on Sunday, it was not that bad. I didn’t have anything major for homework due on Monday, and everything I did was so I didn’t get behind or what I could’ve finished in an hour but in reality, it took me five to six hours. I would say that week 14 wasn’t my most stressful probably due to how distracted I was with games, YouTube, Facebook, and all of the other media platforms. When I want to sleep, I can’t but when I have the chance to, I don’t. There’s an imbalance here that really needs fixing but my question is: where do I start and when do I start? Compared to all of my other posts, this one is unusually random in my opinion because it feels like I am just blabbering words on a page but after this eventful, crazy week, I am definitely glad it’s the weekend.

I watch Korean videos throughout the week but never found the time to invest in learning Korean. Drama-wise, I haven’t caught up to the ones I was currently watching and may just spend today to do so as my relaxing day before a work day on Saturday. I made my agenda early for the weekend and it definitely looks like there’s a lot of work cut out for me. I hope I will be able to set aside my fun and be able to focus trying to finish my Psych project and Econ work for Thursday, my Hamlet questions for AP Lit due some time next week. In addition, I want to be on top of my schedule and be able to change my study habits and work ethic a little at the time and study efficiently for next week’s tests before Winter Break.

For DDT, I had sort of a shutdown on Wednesday and believed that the team wasn’t right for me anymore. I go to practice as a chore and while it is fun in its own way, being with the people you are close to, but other than that, I would’ve been on bed already if I didn’t go to practice. I would be done with my work and not have so much to do over the weekend. I know it’s my fault as well but after practice, I am always unmotivated to do anything and tonight, I’ve sat here on this chair for a good three hours now and the only thing I did was finish yesterday’s math homework and copy today’s lesson plans. It’s ridiculous how much time and energy out of my day is going through the program and like some of my other teammates, we’re waiting to be done with the season and be free and not have to worry about cleaning and upcoming competitions and deposits to be made. I am done, they are done, we are done. I have been improving for a good note, but my mind has turned blank this week after I got home and that’s definitely not a good sign if I want to keep my grades and efficient work ethic for this first semester that is ending in a month and week exactly. I am frightened to what it will come down to since we have our first West Covina competition before finals weekend. I don’t know what I am going to do then.

In Multimedia, we spent this week to make our Christmas gifts for friends and family, investing all of our class time to making it the way we wanted to. I want to make three shirts for my brother but I am having difficulty getting the right image for the design. The shirts I am making already have merchandise, but being able to make a customized shirt design that everybody will recognize when they see will make him feel special. Not only for having a cool limited edition shirt, but a shirt that his brother made and it will give him some pride and happiness that will make up for my lack of gifts throughout his life. Other than that, nothing has been going on in that class besides Mr. Cepeda’s empowerment talks that barely anybody listens to, unfortunately. He has nice words of wisdom and I believe that the class is taking advantage of his kindness and his words that could be really useful for the future.

As week 14 comes to a close, there is only one week and four school days left before we are off for Christmas and I am so excited. I can already feel the warmth from family gatherings and the Christmas cheer. The holidays are coming by fast and I have a feeling that this year will be a memorable year.