week 25 RECAP

This week was pretty bad. I got injured, I got sick, I sat out of practice, and I rarely had an efficient week of sleep once again. Let me tell you. After West comp, our coaches were super upset about our team’s performance and sportsmanship. According to one of them, who was a judge, the team was not doing their best as she said that our run-through was god-awful and beyond. Even though we scored pretty high in placements and scoring, we felt strange earning our awards against the other teams. While we felt that as a whole we did decently, we apparently didn’t deserve our awards. On top of that, we weren’t cheering loudly enough for both other teams and our own. However, when you hear the videos, you can hear us cheering but I guess not all of us were. In addition to that, most of us were late to the meet time and did not let her know when we would be there which irritated them even more. As a result, we ran 30 laps around the gym, did wall sits, planks, splits, variations of push-ups, ab workouts, leg workouts, arm workouts, you name it. On Sunday, we basically took an hour and a half to do insane a P90X cross-fit program until the entire team was interviewed the questions, “What were you thinking of when you were running?” and “Why are you still here?” Since that day, we were all even more sore than  when we woke up earlier that morning and Monday was a bit worse as I regrettably started rolling and practicing tricks in my own house without properly stretching and minorly sprained my neck. After Tuesday, when we learned how to do safe partner flips (it’s hard to explain), I guess I exhausted myself even more because I got the cold that night. My body was aching, I had a fever, a sore throat, and I was cold despite wearing so many layers. It was not a good night for me as I still pushed to do my part of the Lit project. Even though everyone said to stay at home, I went to school the next day, suffered, came back home to recover all Wednesday, slept 12 hours without do anything, but still had a stiffness in my neck and that sore throat. My fever went away and I can move alright, but my neck was killing me. And I would get yelled at by my leaders if I didn’t practice during 4th period because they think I’m faking it or weak or both so I did it and got injured even more practicing the flip when I said I wouldn’t do it. So basically, I did it until I got even more hurt and then they shut up about pushing me to do the stunt. With the sudden spike of pain, I went to the doctors to get it checked and the doctor thinks that the injury and the sickness I had previously was linked and considered it viral as he prescribed me anti-inflammatory drugs to take for the next week and took me out of DDT until March 13th. In that case, I would be missing Sonora competition next Saturday and out of the next three practices up until then. It’s unfortunate to miss so many practices but I’m trying to not miss so many practices. Last night, my parents didn’t let me go so I was at home finishing my FAFSA and did nothing until today. My health is slowly improving but it’ll take a long while. We’ll see how I do where in art, Multimedia class, I did nothing really but sleep. On the other hand, I think I will be able to showcase my drawing abilities again as I help make posters for the other teams so we can make the coaches think we’re not too shabby in sportsmanship and for my next project, a poster filled with anything and everything Japanese when Japan DDT comes to Cerritos in a couple of weeks. I am excited to see what they have in store for us and I just want to meet them already. To be able to connect with a Japanese DDT team is a dream come true and I would say this was one of the reasons that made me like getting this far as a part of this team. I’m planning to start later this week so I will keep you updated later on.


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