week 24 RECAP

Mistakes have been made this week and this morning was a common and crucial one that I’ve been having: waking up late. Last night, I decided to have a Skype call with my friends for two hours after practice and in that time, I ate but did not shower. I sat there on the computer just doing whatever and the only homework I really did was correcting my openers for today’s Multivariable class. When the call ended, it was about 1 AM and I was watching a Kpop live-stream show on YouTube and socializing instead of showering and sleeping earlier than I did. I managed to just drop everything and go to shower by 2 but afterwards, I realized that since I rebooted my phone for all of its wifi and data problems I’ve been having this week, I needed to add music. As I have competition today after school and all day tomorrow, I needed to at least add my music for the ride there and listen to it. Therefore, I went back on the computer for another hour just to do so, adding my competition music and other recent Kpop songs. For this entire time, I thought I wasn’t able to listen to music but when I pressed on the Google Play Music app, it was all there so problem solved. Afterwards, it was about 3 AM and when I finally got myself to sleep, I set my alarms a bit earlier than usual, at 6:15 to 6:20 instead of 6:45 to 6:50 so I can prepare food for today’s competition. According to the schedule, we leave at 3:30 PM and I won’t be back at school until 10 PM so that means, when school gets out at 2:45 today, I will not be going home until some miraculous opportunity allows me to get my stuff really quick and prepare ramen and sandwiches at least. As of now, all I have to eat is graham crackers and cereal with a ton of water. I hope I can rush home and they can pick me up as the last thing. I was told that they want to meet up after school, go eat, then go to competition but since I am a broke boy with no money to spend, might as well go make something at home for later. That’s what I hope but I don’t know what will happen. One of my friends will spot me and pay for my meal??? We shall see. But that’s the reason why I didn’t sleep early enough to wake up on time for school and had to be brought over here yet again. To be specific, I woke up at 7:25 AM and finished getting ready and rushing by 7:35 AM and I was not going to make it if I walked so my sister dropped me off and I made it, but there was announcement that because of traffic issues, tardies would not be counted. I could’ve been late and made something but I guess the fear of missing 1st period yet again got me to be desperate. The rest of the week was a bit okay, I was able to get an efficient amount at the wrong time of the night but I managed. I ended up sleeping in class but for the most part I managed. I need to just be better at my decision making at night. I would just chill and do homework, finish it, and chill for a longer time instead of doing what I need to do and more importantly, SLEEP! I would’ve been fine honestly if I went to sleep after the Skype call and download music throughout the call, but I did not and that was my consequence.

DDT is okay I guess, I am just stressed out that I am not getting my routine as fast as I should be and we perform it Saturday night. Last night was a bit of a bad practice because I wasn’t getting my moves like I usually do and my mentality slipped. I didn’t want to be the reason why we had to run the routine so many times but it felt like I was. Tonight, I just have to get my head in the game and deep clean myself when I get home but also sleep EXTRA early. When we have to meet up by 5:15 AM, I have no choice honestly. I already am losing a couple hours of sleep by the time I get home so I have to eat, shower, sleep right away. I’m nervous for West competition since everyone that we know will be there but we will see how it goes.

In Multimedia, we were searching up tutorials for Photoshop as an assignment and taking the week to do it. It’s not much and didn’t escalate my skills or improve them after the backdrop in my opinion. The backdrop was my first and biggest project yet and I hope in a month, I will be able to take on more opportunities and learn a couple of things in the meantime as the rest of the class is finishing up their 20-Time Project. I just need to be proactive about my goal starting now and as an artist, both in digital/paper and pencil art with dance art, I need to start BEING THE CHANGE and change something in my behavior that will help me in the future.


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