week 23 RECAP

Let’s see. The remainder of last week was a bit more stressful than I thought I would be because of that art project. I used all of Friday night to finish the backdrop to use at the competition the next morning, spending 12 hours on it with help from my cousin who came for the weekend in the last few hours. After cleaning up the paint and packing my costumes, it was about 5 AM and I laid on the couch, thinking I wasn’t going to sleep, as I waited until the alarm went off to officially get up. However, I must’ve been exhausted because the next thing I knew, my dad woke me up at 6:30 when I was supposed to meet at school by 6 AM, I missed eight consecutive calls by Bill, and the backdrop was still drying. Therefore, the start of my third comp was not that great but overall, USA Regionals was pretty okay. Besides getting fifth place in CoEd and placing in the Open Division instead of Championship, we scored pretty well as a team. However, I was not proud of my CoEd performance. My facials were lacking, my moves weren’t consistently strong, my mentality wasn’t right, I don’t know but it was one of my worst to be honest. I would blame the song change and my inability to adapt to such a song in a week, but now that that’s over, our original mix changed for the better. Like last year that used “Damn Daniel!”, we have the “Cash Me Outside! How about dah!” in ours, leading into a transition song, Break Ya Neck by Busta Rhymes. While there was mild schoolwork that kept me up as usual, I started to invest more time to DDT to get down the changes in All-Male and CoEd. With new choreography, my interest to push harder to get it down as fast as possible and develop musicality with the song spiked as that has been most of my week alone with practice on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and last night Thursday. Of the seven days, we had four days of practice with competition that Saturday and at least this week we don’t have anything but Sunday and Monday practice to prepare for our midpoint competition at West High. The coaches say that it’s an exciting competition because so many schools go there and something good or bad happens and I just need to worry about putting on a good performance in both routines. With a new interest to learn and get better, DDT has gotten better for me as I for once, actually look forward to seeing what’s in store. In addition, it’s the first time I’ve been told that my growth as a dancer is evident and noticeable so I feel great at how far I’ve come so far and can’t wait to see how I grow in the rest of the competitions.

For Multimedia, after turning in our Campus Clean-up Poster, Mr. Cepeda started to lecture again with his life lessons, his words of wisdom to become the best we can be. In terms of art-related things, we didn’t do much of the sort this week as always as he gave us an assignment to look up a tutorial and apply it to one of our own pictures that we choose and not the original. While that is happening, nothing really is happening now that the backdrop project is over. It was a nice experience to make a backdrop for DDT-related things and see how your hard work is displayed, but I am glad that I am getting a break and not constantly working on something. The backdrop was quite the achievement and in a little bit, I’m sure there will be bigger and better ones waiting for me.


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