week 22 RECAP

I honestly think that this week was not stressful but at the same time, it was stressful. While I didn’t  really have a heavy workload from school, but I had extra things to worry about like DDT things because of competition this weekend. I wasn’t able to get the best amount of sleep but it wasn’t too bad of a week, functioning off of three to five hours. If it wasn’t for practice and YouTube and AP Lit work, I could’ve slept by 11 PM or midnight at the latest. Oh well. As this 20-Time project continues, I’ve become less motivated to sleep early and more motivated to chill at night or chill until I get myself to finish the rest of my work. Other than that, my week has been alright and normal with practice. Nothing much has been going on but at least this week made me progress even more in my goal to become a better artist.

Instead of talking about DDT and art separately like every other post before this, I shall talk about them together for once because one of the biggest things that happened this week was the fact that I took on an art-related project for DDT. As a part of one of our routines, we made backdrops of the zoo and jungle to associate with our Madagascar theme. While we had an entire set-up made, our director and coach told us that there needs to be changes in the song length and the routine itself. With all of the changes, our director and coach needed somebody to make another backdrop since the mascots would be in the back instead of the front like before. By that I mean the four mascots would be hidden in the back behind the other backdrops and we need a backdrop of the boat with the crates on them to show why they are there. It also fits with the story-line better since before, the lemurs came to the mascots in Africa instead of the mascots going to the lemurs. So, with that request in mind, I raised my hand and volunteered to do it. I was going to look around to see who else volunteered but knowing the team and their artistic talent, I was going to end up doing it anyway. From there, I took on the project and while the leaders helped me a bit, I decided to take the rest of it home to finish on my own, painting, redrawing, details and whatnot. I drew the basic sketch when I worked on it with the leaders but when I saw them paint, they went over the lines which frustrated me. I couldn’t see anything of the picture and when I wanted to add the details BEFORE painting, they painted it already to “get it done”. Now that I have the entire project, with the backdrop and all of the paint cans at home, it may be a lot of work to finish on my own but at least it’ll look like what I want it to be. Although we used a lot of paint to make it what it is now, I am going to need to redo it and make it proper, like how our coach and director wants it. By the time we’re done with competition and don’t need the backdrops anymore, I plan to make this one the best one so I can take it home. With that being said, I’m not applying any new skills in this art project besides improvement in painting but at least it’s allowing me to showcase my skills and make myself useful. Regarding Multimedia, we started doing something as well with our first mini project, making a “Keep Our Campus Clean!” poster that promotes environmental awareness which turned out easy and fast. Overall, this week was a big step forward toward my goal and I hope I can do more than just sit and chill, drawing nothing.


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