week 21 – It’s ALMOST the END

Although we are heading toward the end of our 20-Time Project, I NEED MORE TIME to get where I want to be in my main goal of becoming a better artist. I know I included all of the other components of my posts such as DDT, sleeping early, and learning Korean, those were to help me see my growth in different areas. DDT helped me measure my growth as a dancer, sleeping early helped me measure what time I have been going to bed and practice sleeping earlier, and learning Korean was always a goal that I’ve always wanted to achieve but it was unsuccessful.

In the next few weeks that I have left before I officially end this project, I want to grow more drastically. I mean, in DDT, I guess I’ve demonstrated insane growth in a short amount of time since there is only four boys on the team. According to the coaches, Alex, the other new All-Male member, and I have become even better than what they expected. To become the dancers we are, they say that it would take at least a year or two but with our backgrounds, it allowed us to expand on our skill and potentially be on our leaders’ level if we keep working hard and fight for our goal. While we are in competition season, it should be like our peak and to me, it feels like I’ve gotten better at picking up choreography in a short amount of time to be honest, but still a hot mess. I just need to take class more often and practice my pick up, but for a 30 second choreography with intricate combos and moves, I think I did sort of well when I was learning it, but when I performed it, YIKES! I completely blanked out but I am sure that sleeping on it helps, but still I want to be able to perform the piece with the right textures, head looks, angles, all of it near-perfect at the end of practice. That is my ultimate goal and I hope by the real end of 20-Time, I will get there which will be when we are heading towards Nationals. I might even achieve my goal after the project ends, but it will be nice if I can get it before Spectacular season.

For sleeping early, it has been an on and off sort of goal. There are times when I have been able to go to bed before midnight and manage to do well and there are times I would sleep at my “normal” 2-3 AM and be barely living and walk like a zombie at school or unfortunately not make it to 1st period which is disappointing t0 myself and my teacher. Throughout these past few months, it demonstrates how I am capable to sleep if I really wanted to. I realized that I waste my time at home at night doing whatever when I could be sleeping and it’s still a recurring issue. I usually don’t do anything past 9 PM and explore YouTube and Facebook instead of getting ahead and doing what I have to do. With that in mind, I should be sleeping at 10:30 or 11 PM at most and make it to school ON TIME even with practice. But what can I do when all of those tardies and absences already happened. I want to go back and change my attendance record but now it’s a matter of improving myself for next time. In the next weeks, starting today, I will not waste time and sleep the moment I am no longer in the mood to do any homework or study. That would estimate to be about 2-3 more hours than normal, 10-15 more hours that could be saved from gaming or watching videos. It’s gotten to the point it is sort of better since I at least have some days when I sleep early, but it should be every day.

For art, I was always good at looking at a picture and sketching what I’m looking at which was what we started with in Multimedia. We got used to the pencil and paper mediums and somehow, we transitioned into Illustrator and Photoshop respectively. In comparison to the usual pencil and paper, I am glad that we actually got to learn something new. Well, not new but something I didn’t know how to do before. It was challenging but this allowed me to expand my skills so I can finally say that I can do more than sketching. I wish in this class that we did more than what we’ve been doing, which is very minimal, but that means, I probably have to finish my goal outside of my art class. Maybe I should have enrolled in Art I or Ceramics to do more complex art-related activities, but I like how relaxing this class is in a sense.

There’s only a little time left and I guess it’s crunch time. I just need to pull through and do everything I need to. With that being said, tune in to next week.


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