week 20 RECAP

Well, I mean this week was alright. It was nice to have a three day weekend to relax and do what? Finish the Hamlet/Othello Research Paper. It was due on the Tuesday we got back at 7 AM and that was basically all we did. I mean, I got ahead and did my Literary Criticism story as  I watched a movie but it wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be overall. In terms of sleeping hours, I slept later than last week but it was still pretty good, at like 1 to 2:30 AM at the latest. I could’ve had an all-nighter last night but because I got ahead earlier in the week, I managed to sleep at a decent time. Now that it’s finals, I am trying to sleep really early so I have time to prepare myself. My grades are pretty much set in stone and I only have like three, maybe even two finals I need to worry about: Multivariable, AP Psych, maybe Econ, and not Lit. With an A in Lit, even if I fail the test with a 20/50, I won’t drop a drastic amount unless I get a 0 but let’s hope I don’t. Stress is building up at this point and we’ll see how I will handle it as I want to sleep by 11:30 and study really well even if DDT is in the way.

About DDT-related things, I’ve been dancing for five days straight. From Sunday to Tuesday, I had practice. On Wednesday, we had a hangout with the boys and the boys coaches eating at Bowls – this Japanese poke place that turned into a dance session into a surprise performance for Quest Dance Studio’s Q Minor. Last night was our final practice before West Co this weekend and with competition season coming up, I am stressing out to look solid as I perform in front of judges for the first time. I need to get everything ready before 9 PM tonight and sleep by 10 as I listen to my music and spot clean every detail I can. If dress rehearsal was bad and it was in front of the team, imagine when we take the floor at tomorrow night. It’ll be a rush and I am scared to the max.

In Multimedia, we were continuing our industrial design drawings and chilling as always. It’s not difficult to do with my background so it’s just a quick activity that I get done so I can move on to more important things. I guess it’s nice to learn the fundamentals of industrial design so I can expand my skills for the future. However, it’s unfortunate that I am not really learning much in what could be a resourceful. Now, it’s all about doing my homework in this class so I can get ahead and focus on other things such as DDT. As I finish this up, it is in my fifth period as it’s basically a free period at the end of the day.

While this marks week 20 of my 20-Time project, I want to say that not much progress has been made since we started. It’s all about sketching and doing random things that to be honest, I could do on my own with no sweat. The class is an easy A definitely, but the skills I learn in this class isn’t really A-quality. I’m glad and sad at the same time where my goal has gone to where I have shown more growth as a dancer than an artist.





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