week 19 RECAP

This week back was not as bad as I expected it to be but still, the fatigue after each day was pretty bad. I got an efficient amount of sleep due to my New Year’s Resolution of sleeping before midnight but last night was the worst night, sleeping at 1 AM. Let me rephrase that, I knocked out at 1 AM because if I went on with my AP Psych studying, I would do terrible and die out throughout the day. While I initially thought that I made the wrong decision, I did pretty well on my test in sixth period. It would be one of my best tests all year so far with a 90% 36/40 on multiple-choice with 5 points for the free response question, assuming I got it correct. That would make my score 77/85 and that score is fine with me. I am happy and satisfied this week is over, but there is a lot more to come and I am excited for it, yet stressed about it since time is passing by so fast. Whatever happens, my first initial goal is to sleep as much as I can in order to prepare to the best of my ability the upcoming competitions for DDT and finals week. With all of it coming up so fast, I think rest would be my key to success. Already having at least six hours of sleep a night on average this week, I think I can do better and sleep even earlier without having to procrastinate on any of my assignments. I managed to get ahead for Psych and finish my 20 point project due on Wednesday, but there’s my research paper due on Tuesday, extra credit due on Friday, Econ project due Wednesday, and so on. However, I would say this first week back was decent.

With a new phone, there is a new me and I am going back to learning Korean again as part of my goal. I have my apps and I am doing my best to spare some time in order to practice hearing the audio and writing it down. Although it’s a formal dialect, I’ll someday have the informal speech down by the end of the year as well and I’ll be okay. Right now, it’s the commitment to learn along with my commitment to the 30-day challenges and studying for my permit test. It’s been a while since my parents started nagging me to get my license so I should get on it and start working for it. Along with learning Korean, I would add permit test studying and less procrastination on my list of accomplishments before the semester ends and Spring Break. Let’s see how I do.

For DDT, besides the usual practice hours on Tuesday and Thursday, we are preparing for competition season more than ever and for the most part, I can say it’s going well. I’ve been doing my part and taking the corrections more seriously and going over my moves, listening to my music, everything that the coaches told me to do starting way back when. The countdown is officially one week left and it’s time to get it all together now. It looks fine now as a whole picture, but now it’s the details I need to work on still. But to tell you the truth, I think All-Male and Co-Ed looks nice at this point. I still need to review and go over my moves and changes as always, but I feel like the team is at a good spot before we take the floor at West Covina next week. There will be practice Sunday at 10:30 AM since we need to finish our Novelty Madagascar set, but I’ll let you know next week.

Lastly, for Multimedia, the art-portion of the week, it became more of a productive class this week than most of first semester. I was able to learn how to design sketch certain products such as today’s camcorder, yesterday’s projector, and either Monday’s or Tuesday’s printer. Mr. Cepeda is teaching us the basics for design sketching and he says that it’ll take a while for us to be experts at the concept, but I feel like I am getting the hang of it already. Transitioning from t-shirt designs and resume cards that we made before break, I am enjoying the familiar pencil and paper sketches. It’s what I do best and it’s great to go back to my comfort zone although I am learning something new. You would start with a box and make the design of a product one side at a time in its three-dimensional form. After you draw the outline, you fill in the rest of the details and shade in what’s needed and you’re good to go. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much time or effort and Mr. Cepeda has been telling us, “You have to draw according to the lines of the box and make them parallel.” With that in mind, everything he asks us to draw is quite feasible and it wasn’t bad at all in his class. Very chill and easygoing and I am looking forward to next week’s plans.



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