week 18 RECAP

Week 2 of Christmas Break wasn’t productive at all either. Other than the relaxation and DDT practices throughout the entire week, nothing else happened. I met up with my AP Lit group on Monday and we were able to start our research paper. Only DDT progressed and my sleeping hours as well. Art-wise, I haven’t drawn much or done anything on Photoshop lately since school ended. We have worked on our resume cards to give to people like a business card but in Multimedia, we weren’t doing much. I am thinking of starting another art project but I will have to look into it more. Also, maybe I should restart my goal of learning Korean and do that along with the artwork. Because there isn’t much going on art-wise, like putting my ability to draw to the test, I would rather try to do something more productive but still keep the art. It’s just for my sake but will allow me to talk about something else than what is going on in Multimedia. Winter Break is now coming to a close and now it’s back to normal.


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