week 16 RECAP – before CHRISTMAS BREAK

This week before went on break was really just a relaxing week in itself. I didn’t have much homework or have any tests that I needed to worry about, which was really nice. I was able to sleep more and make it to school on time before the bell rang. I did more of what I wanted to do in my spare time and enjoy that week.

In Multimedia, besides the shirt and card-making on Photoshop, Mr. Cepeda gave us a chill week and gave us free time as always.

In DDT, we had our usual Tuesday and Thursday practice and had the Holiday Party that following Friday to be in each other’s company. To be honest, dance was a chill week as well but an efficiently chill week. We worked hard to do what we could in the time given: cleaning, running the routines, going over what we needed to. At the same time, everyone was ready for the holidays and Christmas. After waiting for so long, wishing for a break from everything, Christmas rolls around the corner and blessed us with its presence. It was great to see the team just bond with each other, but unfortunately, there is practice every day during break and it will definitely be a struggle. Monday was crazy with its 5-9 PM practice but today’s was chill but worse with its 10 AM-3 PM practice. Like always, I want time to pass by and get myself out of there. They devote a lot to the team but I don’t want to be there any more than the majority of the members do. If we had a choice to leave or stay, some of my friends and I would definitely leave. I would want to sit and do nothing than dance for four to five hours during my holiday break that is supposed to relax me and improve my mental health. This is just crazy to endure practice five days a week. I am so glad I will no longer be dancing in my college days. After experiencing this team, I am very much done with dancing. I’ll dance on my own so I won’t feel like it’s an obligation when it is a hobby. Three more days before the weekend break then another hell week and then two more weeks then competition season starts. There’s a lot to still do and I am doing my best to endure. We’ll see how it turns out later on this week.

Nothing really happened the week before break. Once we were off, the holiday spirit kicked in and it was an eventful week for me that I got sidetracked and forgot about posting. From NHS and Friendsmas part 1 on Thursday, DDT Holiday Party on Friday, Christmas Eve with my Dad’s side, Christmas with my Mom’s side, Friendsmas part 2 on Monday then practice that night and so on until now. I wish break is longer so I can actually get the chance to get everything I want done but time and time again, my theory is true: “With DDT, there is no break.”



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