week 15 RECAP

As I woke up at 8 AM and missed first period like last week, I started off the morning upset that I didn’t manage to finish my work, study for my Lit test, or get to school on time. Along with the first period absence, I walked into second period Lit five minutes late and I just had another rough start. I am thinking that it’s because of sleeping at 2 AM last night after practice and an all-nighter before, but I can’t believe how I wasn’t able to show up to school for a straight week in the past three weeks. My teacher must be upset with me and I wouldn’t blame her. Every time I wake up late, I just curse myself and wonder why it happened so often. In the previous years, I was able to manage just fine and be okay throughout the day, despite sleeping past midnight. I would do my homework and be able to walk to school with no trouble whatsoever. Compared to five tardies and a day off last year, this year is double that with a day off and ten tardies and absences. There is only four days left before Winter Break and I really need to pull myself together and show that my attendance is improving and will get better so I don’t lose so many points and jeopardize my grade. After watching our soloists perform in the rally performance, I emailed Mrs. Carlson earlier, apologizing for my consecutive absences. I don’t know how much she will believe my words but I swear these are unintentional. I am just unfortunate that’s all and still need to work on my time management. After practice, everything is just out of my mind and I get unmotivated to finish my work so easily. It felt like I didn’t have a lot to do, but in reality, I did. My Psychology letter project was due today for 30 points and I only finished the first one. I intended to do it at 4:30 in the morning until school started after a quick nap for two hours, but I ended up waking up at 8 and didn’t make progress. At this point, I feel like giving up on school and do the bare minimum for graduation and for grades. I am at a borderline A for two of my classes: Multivariable and Psychology and struggling to push through these absences and array of obstacles, work harder, and improve in the rest of my classes. Standing at a 90.3% in Multi, 90.9% in Psych after Mrs. Ahn updates grades, 95.2% in Lit without the essay inputted in because of today’s Lit test that I failed with the curve of a 96/100, 95% in Econ CP, an undefined A in Multimedia, and 98% in DDT (of course),. I am in good shape, but everything faltered after I saw the time this morning and came to school. At this point, 2016 is ending on a bad note and I don’t know what to do anymore but just face it and endure.

For art, we were continuing our gifts for Christmas with our T-shirt designs but I had a tough week that didn’t really give me enough time to work on it. I was focusing on all of my other work and slept in class that I didn’t get anywhere. When I had a question, Mr. Cepeda was busy and I didn’t want to wait anymore so I slacked off to do something else. I am close to being done with it, sort of, but it’s whatever. I use fifth period as a homework period and not really getting where I want to be when I originally signed up for this class.

DDT is fun, hard, and I am still struggling. The coaches and leaders weren’t too hard on me individually during our cleaning but I still experience the stress and pressure every practice and everyday the longer I am on the team and the closer we are to starting competition season in the next month. I am just going to practice to pass by but I do have a long way to go to be on par with the rest of the boys. I hope everything goes well in the months ahead and this year just gets better.

Week 16 has four days and I feel like Mrs. Carlson wants another post, but 2016 is winding down and I want 2017 to be better since it is my graduation year, but to demonstrate a positive change in my life and show that things are getting better. :



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