week 14 RECAP

In all honesty, week 14 may have been my better weeks of the year. Nothing was too stressful that it made me overwhelmed but my life has been all over the place in terms of the usual: sleep, homework, dance, leisure time, sleep again. This week, my sleeping hours were not consistent due to all of the things I wanted to accomplish before I went to bed. Unfortunately, they were all extra things I wanted to do instead of what I have to do and I could’ve gotten at least three to four more hours of sleep a night. Starting on Sunday, it was not that bad. I didn’t have anything major for homework due on Monday, and everything I did was so I didn’t get behind or what I could’ve finished in an hour but in reality, it took me five to six hours. I would say that week 14 wasn’t my most stressful probably due to how distracted I was with games, YouTube, Facebook, and all of the other media platforms. When I want to sleep, I can’t but when I have the chance to, I don’t. There’s an imbalance here that really needs fixing but my question is: where do I start and when do I start? Compared to all of my other posts, this one is unusually random in my opinion because it feels like I am just blabbering words on a page but after this eventful, crazy week, I am definitely glad it’s the weekend.

I watch Korean videos throughout the week but never found the time to invest in learning Korean. Drama-wise, I haven’t caught up to the ones I was currently watching and may just spend today to do so as my relaxing day before a work day on Saturday. I made my agenda early for the weekend and it definitely looks like there’s a lot of work cut out for me. I hope I will be able to set aside my fun and be able to focus trying to finish my Psych project and Econ work for Thursday, my Hamlet questions for AP Lit due some time next week. In addition, I want to be on top of my schedule and be able to change my study habits and work ethic a little at the time and study efficiently for next week’s tests before Winter Break.

For DDT, I had sort of a shutdown on Wednesday and believed that the team wasn’t right for me anymore. I go to practice as a chore and while it is fun in its own way, being with the people you are close to, but other than that, I would’ve been on bed already if I didn’t go to practice. I would be done with my work and not have so much to do over the weekend. I know it’s my fault as well but after practice, I am always unmotivated to do anything and tonight, I’ve sat here on this chair for a good three hours now and the only thing I did was finish yesterday’s math homework and copy today’s lesson plans. It’s ridiculous how much time and energy out of my day is going through the program and like some of my other teammates, we’re waiting to be done with the season and be free and not have to worry about cleaning and upcoming competitions and deposits to be made. I am done, they are done, we are done. I have been improving for a good note, but my mind has turned blank this week after I got home and that’s definitely not a good sign if I want to keep my grades and efficient work ethic for this first semester that is ending in a month and week exactly. I am frightened to what it will come down to since we have our first West Covina competition before finals weekend. I don’t know what I am going to do then.

In Multimedia, we spent this week to make our Christmas gifts for friends and family, investing all of our class time to making it the way we wanted to. I want to make three shirts for my brother but I am having difficulty getting the right image for the design. The shirts I am making already have merchandise, but being able to make a customized shirt design that everybody will recognize when they see will make him feel special. Not only for having a cool limited edition shirt, but a shirt that his brother made and it will give him some pride and happiness that will make up for my lack of gifts throughout his life. Other than that, nothing has been going on in that class besides Mr. Cepeda’s empowerment talks that barely anybody listens to, unfortunately. He has nice words of wisdom and I believe that the class is taking advantage of his kindness and his words that could be really useful for the future.

As week 14 comes to a close, there is only one week and four school days left before we are off for Christmas and I am so excited. I can already feel the warmth from family gatherings and the Christmas cheer. The holidays are coming by fast and I have a feeling that this year will be a memorable year.


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