week 13 RECAP

Let’s start off by saying this was the best week of senior year so far in terms of workload. I was able to rest more and even though I did sleep relatively early, before 1 AM, this morning was a bit of an unfortunate event because I was tardy to first period. More like I walked in at 8:15 AM which is not just tardy, it’s late. I’ve gotten better with my attendance because I was pretty good for the past two school weeks, but today was quite sad indeed. I’m glad that I was able to sleep more, at about five to six hours a night instead of two to three, but this weekend will be terrible. AP Lit work is due Monday and this unit is probably the worst unit. There are so many questions! This makes me really looking forward to Winter Break in T-23 days. Please come faster Christmas, I want to celebrate your holiday without having to go to school for two weeks.

Korean, has turned into Korean drama over the break. I started to watch a little bit at a time this week, one or two episodes, but that’s my source of Korean lately and let’s see how that goes as an alternative to learning the language that I should’ve started on 13 weeks ago.

DDT practice was terrible for me this week. I wasn’t getting the corrections and made even more mistakes than improving. Last night I noticed my coach’s frustration over me and I don’t know. My mind wasn’t there anymore and I didn’t seem to care anymore about dance. My phase is over but I’m going just to go and be a dancer. I believe I stopped enjoying it and go because I have to, not because I want to. I hope in the future, I get better motivation-wise and dance-wise.

For photoshop, the holiday season is coming up and Mr. Cepeda wants us to make gifts for our loved ones. After using this week to brainstorm, while we had a representative from FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise come speak to us in the middle of the week, I’ve started working on my pieces yesterday. With his heatpress in the class, Mr. Cepeda advertised how he could do any fabric from shirts to hoodies to sweatpants to whatever we would want to make. For my brother, I was thinking of a shirt related to his go-to game, League of Legends. By the champions he play and whatnot, I was thinking of a graphic tee and making it stylish so he could wear it around school. It’s still a work in progress but everything is going well so far and I look forward to the end result in a couple of weeks.

I pray week 14 is better, even though it might not be. I feel that tests are coming up and I hope and wish and want to  do well since the semester is already winding down in the last few weeks. I can’t believe it, first semester is almost done. It’s crazy how fast time is passing and although I feel more free with college apps out of the way, there are other stressors to take care of such as my GPA. If I do well, I will have my first 4.0 for a first semester and achieving that goal will be hard work paid off, most definitely.




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