week 11 RECAP

BLESS OUR SOULS FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON! It’s time for THANKSGIVING! Heck yeah! It’s the last day bf school before a week long break and I am so very excited to sleep in. But UC and CalState College Apps are due on November 30th so I guess I have to spend my entire time doing that as well as keep up with DDT. Before I start talking about my week, I’ll get everything else out of the way first.

For Korean, nothing anymore. Maybe it’s not the right time to learn another language when I still want to learn but am either super busy, tired, or both to do any more.

For dance, we finished our Medium Co-ed routine last night and wow it was exhausting. Our coach made us run the routine four times with laps each time we finished, adding one lap around the gym. For the first the time around, we did the run through and ran three laps. The second time was four laps, third was five laps, and by end of it all, we ran another six laps, totaling to 18 laps around the gym by the end. My legs were aching and I got sore this morning and it just wasn’t the best of the best. Overall, my splits need work and actually practice my routine at home, but hey, I’m making progress and that’s all it matters.

For art, Mr. Cepeda is taking it easy with our class. It’s all click-click-click and you’re done. I’m all kept up with the material and don’t need to spend too long on it because it’s not difficult as well. Whoever says Photoshop is difficult, they are lying because it is not labor intensive at all. I’m having fun in one of the few non-stressful classes I have this year and I wonder what happens next, after we liquify images and fix the brightness and contrasts, and so on.

So about this week, I was able to sleep before midnight on Sunday. At 11:53 PM I was out and had my first real rest in such a long time. Unfortunately, that good resting time was short-lived when I had to wake up for school. The funny thing is, I was still sleeping in class when I got about 7 hours of sleep that previous night. I thought that it was because sleeping so early wasn’t normal for my body clock where it felt on Tuesday and Wednesday when I slept at 1 something. Although I agonize going to practice because I wanted to focus on my schoolwork, I went and came back, did what I had to do for the next day, and slept. Last night, however, was sort of a train wreck. All I had to do was math homework and AP Psych flashcards for the chapter test. I did the definitions the night before but I had a breakdown and so many distractions hitting me from left and right that what was supposed to take me three to five hours, it took me about 7 and the school day just for the flashcards. How ridiculous! And what’s even more ridiculous is that after sleeping at a good time, a goal of at least before 2 AM, I end up taking a 2 hour nap from 3 AM – 5 AM and I stayed up the rest of the day to do what I needed to do left, the pictures. This was definitely  one of my least strenuous weeks of the year since our project for Death of a Salesman/Raisin in the Sun unit is over. I slept early and didn’t have too much work and despite the fact that last night was a strange night, it was overall, not too bad. I am thankful that we are on break now and can’t wait to be rejuvenated with all of those sleeping hours day in and day out.


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