week 9 RECAP

Usually I would say this week is bad like all of the rest, but by far, this week has been the worst one yet. I got no sleep and had so much work, had a mental breakdown in the process, and literally gave up on life for a good solid school day. Sunday, not bad of a DDT practice but had an all-nighter when I finished the Lit weekly homework early. I finished at midnight and used the rest of the night for my Personal Statements final drafts, which was also for Lit. Monday, I don’t really remember what happened but…oh wait, that was Halloween night. I had an NHS event at Regional from 4:30-7 PM but exhausted as I was, I arrived at 4:45 PM and stayed until 7:15 to 7:20 to come home and cram again. Tuesday was exhausting and Wednesday was the pivotal point of the week. Let me explain. Tuesday I had practice as usual but had to study for two tests that I really freaked out about. I was sure I didn’t know anything and it may have been my brain just begging for sleep but I couldn’t focus and gave up on the Psych flashcards, math studying, and the rest of life. I went to sleep at 1 AM, had alarms for 4 AM, and the usual late day time, 7:30 AM but I texted my mom that I needed to stay home, she said it was okay, I emailed my teachers my current health condition is not at its best, and rested more. However, I woke up around 10 to finish the Psych flashcards and some more Death of a Salesman analysis for Lit until around 2:30 to 3 PM, when school ended. I took a nap thinking that I would wake up in time to meet up with my group to work on my project but nope! I woke up at like 3:45 PM, got ready and got there by 4:15 PM. Overall, that evening was not bad in terms of productivity. We finished filming and now it’s the hardest part, analyzing all of the quotes and the questions. It’s due Tuesday but it is so time-consuming that we just have to grind it out. And that night, I had to finish the rest of my homework and not miss out anymore. I needed to make up the math and psych test so I slept 1-5:30 AM and just pushed. Thursday was the earliest I’ve ever slept. I did well on math and my psych score has yet been revealed, had practice even though I felt like falling down, and finished Lit until 2 AM. I woke up late this morning, but hey, I finally got to sleep straight through after a series of stressful days and it felt good. It wasn’t 8 hours but it’s better than four, three, two, one hour, and my favorite, no sleep. Please pray for me, I want next week to be better but let’s see how it goes with my Lit project due on November 8.

Korean… MOVING ON! I honestly, haven’t touched it in forever.

Dance, we learned a lot, we cleaned a lot, I felt my body suffocating from sleep deprivation, but I made it through. I definitely will need to leave practice early at 4:30, the second the team goes on break and will need to remember to email the director that I have a family emergency. It technically isn’t but Shanelle, a close friend of mine, practically my sister, and DDT leader, said that it’s an emergency to myself and how I haven’t been feeling well. Once I get home, I am going to finish the project once and for all and reward myself with a nice night of rest and nothing more.

Art, in MultiMedia, I did not do anything productive because Mr. Cepeda hasn’t really enforced anything. It’s been free periods lately after we got introduced to Photoshop and have yet gotten another lecture on its tools and all of that. Nothing much is happening so I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that class. Well, sorta. He doesn’t have any assignments so I don’t even know what my grade is in that class so I’m sort of worried but not really.

Everything is getting worse and worse and I just want things to progress, die out, get better, or something. Cross Country ended and as much as I didn’t want to wake up in the mornings to practice, I joined Drill and realized how hard it’s getting as we approach competition season and want to finish learning all of our routines and having it spot on by November 24, Thanksgiving break. It’s too much and I can’t wait for this upcoming Veteran’s day holiday.



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