week 8 RECAP

Oh my god. This week!!!! It passed by pretty fast actually, and bless the lord for it not being that stressful. AP Lit kills and I will probably mention it at least a thousand times throughout this 20-Time Project and this blog that I think will turn into my main one. It’s the main cause for my all-nighters and you know, here I am crying at 2 AM as I write this post to get it done and relax. Sigh, so moving on, I am sleep deprived. I have been and I will continue to be sleep deprived. However, a miracle happened. I knocked out 6:30 PM I think on Monday until 3:30 the next morning and woke up to finish math homework. I was able to finish and work on my Psych Wanted Poster due that Wednesday and still had an hour to spare for more rest. That was the best thing that happened after another all-nighter and then when Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday came, I died as always. It wasn’t as bad but I didn’t get my usual 5-6 hours I usually get. On Wednesday night, I stayed up until 2 AM talking to a girl I befriended and got closer to and tonight was the same, while I waited for stupid Math XL to send in my results from the Practice Test but it didn’t go through. What the heck. So I spent longer to work it out on my paper and understand it fully, which was a good and bad thing. But I got it done after 3 hours of distractions after Thursday night practice and here I am, lowering my average of sleep to at least four hours now. Yay me! I swear, every week gets worse and faster and I just want summer again. It felt so nice being a student and having all of that time to just be myself at home.

KOREAN! I am part of the club on campus now in addition to all of the other clubs I joined for the heck of it and to this day, haven’t touched it. I hate myself and I still don’t want to lose hope on a language I’m eager to learn but have no time for because of Lit and College Apps. Rest In Peace me!

Dance is as tiring as ever the deeper we go, preparing for competition season in January. Sunday practice was a mindful of new routines that they taught for Co-Ed and All-Male and Tuesday was reviewing, was it? I don’t remember then Thursday’s was learning more the rest of our Intro to a set of 6 routines. Yes, 6 routines. I shall die. And I honestly felt worse on Thursday because after my nap, coming back from the Korean Club Chick-Fil-A fundraiser, I got up and it felt too uncomfortable to dance and move. I honestly should’ve slept after I ate and showered which was four hours ago and slept through the night. Math  homework could’ve waited since it wasn’t due until Saturday. The decisions I make after practice are not good and I really need to fix it.

Regarding the last thing on this list, the art. We were introduced to Photoshop which is our next program we are using and learning in MultiMedia class. It is still taking forever to finish all of our concept cars but it’s coming along. I think I am finished but I have to get his approval before I do anything and let him put it in for the quarter grade. He says it was okay to just send in what we have and say it’s WIP – work in progress. That way, he will at least know we aren’t chilling too much in his class and taking the time for granted and not learn another skill. But I want to be done and move on and I think I will be able to finish it today in 5th period. I should start updating the Instagram for my art but maybe I should take it out instead and just write about what I got through. Maybe I’ll make this my personal blog and put my main Instagram on here instead. If I decide to, I’ll do it after I’m done with this project and go on with the weekly recaps. They actually help me to see where I am in life and got me moving forward.

Everything is passing by so fast and I want time to just slow down and let us cruise the year in high school. I don’t want to do any “adulting” anytime soon, like please. I wanted to make this year as memorable as possible and learn from it as much as I can and got myself 3 interviews: two on Thursday – one at snack for Alzheimer’s Awareness Club and one for Mu Alpha Theta and another today at lunch for Korean Club. I’m putting myself out there and making new friends, working with different types of people, but let’s see how long I last to dedicate my time and effort for things out of my interest but not something I can put on my college applications.

Please save me Week 9. Weeks 7 and 8 were a pain to my soul.



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