week 7 RECAP

Why is life so stressful? I thought this week would be more relaxing but NOPE! It was more stressful with all of events I had. On Sunday, it wasn’t that bad for a seven-hour practice as we found out our Novelty theme, or Props/Character. And although I can’t reveal it yet, I was able to be one of the four main characters and all I can say is that I am super excited for the practices to come. But after that practice, AP Psychology ruined me. I don’t know what happened after but I was not able to focus that night and stayed up longer than I should have trying to study for the test the next morning. And it turned out, I did okay on that test. An 85% is pretty solid but that test really was mentally challenging as Mrs. Ahn said and so glad I got it over with. It wasn’t an A but I’m appreciative for my score.

Then the week started with Tuesday practice and homework, Wednesday with NHS crowning, Dance Battle in the quad, and my four hour nap from 5 PM-9 PM. Toward the end of the week, my schedule got even more packed as Thursday was the Homecoming Game as I had to attend the Homecoming Rally for Dance Drill at snack, a Common App workshop at lunch, and the football game at 6:30 PM-9:30 PM, which is similar to a normal practice day. Today, I have a Greenworks yearbook picture at snack, NHS meeting at lunch, and AP Lit group meeting after school 3-6 PM and AP Psych extra credit 6-9 PM then Rose Bowl 7:15 AM Saturday, which is way earlier than normal, but the earlier we meet, the earlier we leave. As a result, I can actually sleep a decent amount or have a decent amount of time leftover in order to work on AP Lit due Monday. Thank god. But like normal, there’s Sunday and that takes up my day already. In comparison to the past weeks, I realized that Senior Year is getting a lot more stressful and strenuous with all of the dates to keep track of. It may be just me and because I have a lot going on with clubs and DDT and my classes, but it definitely is making me work just as hard or harder than Junior Year. As strange as it seems, I want Senioritis to kick in so I have time to breathe, but my grades cannot fall. Therefore, I will remain sleep deprived and give education my all and be a college student by next year.

Now, getting on to the actual 20-Time Project, sleep is what I did not get much of. If I add it up, it may seem like I got more hours than usual but it wasn’t all the way through, as in a real good night’s sleep. This week was honestly too much for me, and I paid the price for working too hard and being as involved in school as I am. I have an interest in everything I am doing right now, but I’m afraid I will no longer have time for myself and later on regret it.

Dear Lord, I would like time to breathe. Let me rejuvenate soon and be healthier please.

For Korean, nope. My plan didn’t work. For dance, regular practice and I learned a new piece that I currently haven’t spent much time on to practice because of everything. Art, we were introduced to Photoshop and just a demo of it while we continued our concept cars and making our way to become FUTURE ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS!!! Yay, the excitement in my tone. I’m soooo excited for what’s to come.



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