week 6 RECAP

Week 6! Pick up Stix!

This week was the epitome of stress.

With sleep, I slept at 1 AM, 2 AM, and on Thursday, an amazing 1 hour that almost got me an absence in 1st period. Let me tell you, it was because of the AP Lit homework and after facing the struggle of procrastinating on a Lit assignment, I will NEVER do that again. Oh my goodness! That night, I started from around 7 PM and ended at 6:05 AM and slept from 6:30 to 7:30 AM. Yes, I overslept when I had an alarm for 7 AM. I woke up at 7:30, brushed my teeth, changed, slabbed some moose on my head and ran out the door. Normally, I would be okay with leaving late and fast walk my way to class, but waking up at 7:30 AM, I was panicking. I left the house at 7:35 AM and sprinted faster than I never sprinted before and surprisingly made it. Well, 7:45:30, but we had a sub and called my name when I walked in. Bless the sub and bless that morning! I didn’t want to miss first period again after skipping it twice in the past two weeks so I am happy I made it at the last possible second. And it makes me pretty sad that Thursday ruined my streak of sleeping earlier than normal, but we’ll see if it gets better next week.

Personal blogging, that’s completely out of the picture. Let’s remove that from the list. It’s been months, almost or has been half a year since the last post and I don’t think I will ever get back into it.

Anyways, moving on to the next topic was learning Korean. I didn’t touch it at all this week when I told myself I would. I even wrote a note in my agenda to study a bit but after my regretful experience with Lit, I didn’t get around to it. I’ve definitely been slacking and like I said in the opening with the “Pick Up Stix”, I have to pick up the slack now and commit to learning. Hopefully there is a change and it gets better from here. I pray.

For DDT, the team is on their way to competition season as the four remaining boys that make up All-Male learned another piece that was supposedly longer but easier according to the coaches. Turns out, it wasn’t easy as they said. That evening, something in my brain shut off and I wasn’t able to pick up the choreography as the rest of the boys. I thought it would be okay and not too bad, but it may have been the weather but it wasn’t as productive as it could’ve been. But as the week progressed, my retention improved and the piece is progressing. It’s not that bad and after the all-nighter I survived practice. Nothing feels better than having an all-nighter and doing well in school and practice as if you had the energy of a good night’s sleep. It feels so good and I can’t believe that it’s already the middle of October. It’s almost Thanksgiving yes, Homecoming yes, but most importantly, competition. So much is happening and the pace is only going to get faster from here. I can’t fall back or weigh the team down. I have to be on my A-game and I can’t wait for Sunday to find out our Novelty or “prop” themed routine.

Art-wise, it was a continuation of last week with Illustrator and the concept cars. Mr. Cepeda taught us how to use the gradient tools and add some color to our sketches. Unfortunately, the pace that the class is going is not that great. After his announcements and demonstrations, he gives us pretty much five minutes before the bell rings and while it is an easy A, I want to improve and actually finish my projects on Illustrator. At the rate we’re going, it’ll take until the end of the month to finish and wish we can all move along the path of becoming future graphic designers that can brand ourselves because we are an important brand name and we need to recognize our value and self-worth, all of that stuff.

Right now everything’s whatever and wish the Multimedia class environment as well as all that I want to do improves ASAP.



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