week 5 RECAP

Week 5, here we go!

This week was one of the most relaxing weeks of school by far. I had so much more time to spare after school despite Tuesday and Thursday practice as usual but the moment that bell rang, I was free. I didn’t have a lot of homework, surprisingly, in all of my classes. I had readings here and there to stay on track for my AP Lit group project, a Psych worksheet, nothing really. I finished math homework in class which was refreshing to have one less thing to know about. All of my free time allowed me to spend more time on myself and sleep early for most of the week, around 11:30 PM to 1 AM. It may still look a bit cringe but it was at least consistent and much better than the beginning of the year.

Korean took a mini-step forward, which is better than nothing. I looked at an app last night before I slept and studied it through their flashcards of vowels and consonants. The double consonants were strange to see but I focused on the pronunciation using the examples provided. I should be more proactive with learning the foreign language so I will definitely do my best to learn more than I’ve ever learned by next week.

Personal blogging is dead. I talked about it either last week or earlier this week with my table group in Lit and agreed that those who had a blog had an active period but died out. With time availability and the topics one wants to write about to consider, it’s difficult to be consistent with posting and know what to ramble on about and after a period of time, you don’t have as much of an interest as you did before.

Dance Drill has gotten better for the most part. After the rally performance, I found a new sense of confidence and liking for the team. I went to practice with more of an open mind and it has done wonders for me, making each practice more enjoyable and productive on my end. It looks like my facials are improving since that rally was “performance-ready” and “solid” in the coaches’ eyes. From there, I went on and prepared for a small team tryout, doing my best to memorize the choreography and perform it the best I could. I wasn’t feeling too bad about my performance but I will admit, I was antsy because of the mistakes I made. Fortunately, I made it and it may have been because there were only four boys on All-Male and we automatically made it, but I’m glad I secured one of the fourteen spots of the 23 members. I’m pleased with what Dance Drill has come to at this point, preparing for competition season, as I hope that it gets even better from here.

In art-related activities, I worked on Illustrator this week and spent the remaining time of the period working on my concept car. Although Mr. Cepeda’s lectures and life-talks are informative, they are incredibly boring and makes me sleep every day as well as takes the entire period for no reason. He says the same things over and over and sometimes, I want him to move on and let us work on our projects. With the concept car, I started over at least 3 times to make the outline of the car accurate and the third time, I remembered the zoom button and used it to my fullest ability. I finally got the outline to be the way I want it, near perfect, and the next step is to add the details using the rest of the tools.


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