week 4 RECAP

Week 4 was kind of a bust in terms of productivity overall. When I wanted to progress in sleeping early, learning Korean, my personal blog, dance, and my sketches or illustrations, this week was not the best week.

I mean, of course I focused on the sketches or art most throughout the week and progressed, but in all of the other areas, not so much. I wasn’t able to sleep early enough, sleeping at the standard 1 to 2 AM. On Wednesday, I became the most productive that day and was able to go on a Psych grind, spending five to six hours reading the chapter and working on the flashcards in preparation for our test Friday, 6th period. Although I didn’t really finish everything I wanted to, I was able to sleep with more of a sense of completeness, that I worked hard and deserved the rest for the next day. Other than Wednesday, I slept around the same time or later than usual, especially last night. I thought I would be able to grind it out and sleep by midnight or 1 AM at the latest but my body ended up doing something weird. I took a nap for a random hour or hour and a half, waking up at 2 something in the morning and finish drawing the pictures for the Psych flashcards until around 4:06 AM where I packed what I needed for the rally performance at snack and went on my way. I am more awake than usual, which is peculiarly odd, but I will need the energy when I take the stage.

For learning Korean, I have not gotten anywhere. For personal blog, still haven’t gotten anywhere. For dance, I’ve gotten more confident in my set for the rally despite the fact that we lost a member last night and made Cerritos High’s All-Male a 4 man squad. The routine looks better and I am able to provide the facials that my leaders and potential audience would like. I just hope that whatever I did last night, I do it again. I hope and pray that I can because that may have been my best performance yet.

For art, I was introduced to Illustrator and was taught some of the tools that were on the program: direct selection tool, ellipse tool, eyedropper, pen tool. By learning the variety and functions of the tools, I started with drawing anchor points and worked my way around to my class’s assignment of drawing concept cars. It’s a work in progress but it’s going to be a slow and steady path but from here on out, I don’t think it will be too bad.





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