week 3 RECAP

In comparison to the past two weeks, this week was progressive overall. It wasn’t super super progressive but better than it was before. Honestly, it might not have been better in particular aspects but I don’t know, I just felt better about it.

Starting off with sleeping and my sleeping schedule, it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. On Sunday night, I was finishing AP Psych work in preparation for the test the next day. I went to my 7-hour DDT practice from 1-8 PM and after that, I was incredibly dead and fatigued. Especially on Sundays, the moment I walk through the front door, all life drains out of my body. I become insanely sluggish and everything isn’t good, let’s just say that. And about a couple hours later, when I finished showering and eating dinner, cleansing myself from the stress throughout the day, I got on my computer chair and began to work. With Facebook chat windows open, of course it took me a while, but I did not expect my AP Psych vocab cards to take another 7 hours of my day. It shouldn’t have taken that long at all but it did and I paid the price for it, sleeping nearly one hour, from 5:05 AM to 6:45 AM. Quite crazy, isn’t it. It was either sleep more than one hour or not sleep at all, but I woke up that Monday morning and I literally was dead. My dark circles were coming back, my body temperature wasn’t at its usual, my facial expression was so gloomy and grim, I definitely did not want to go to school. But knowing myself, I got up anyway and walked my sleep-deprived self to first period, MultiVariable, where I surprisingly aced the opener. Usually when I am sleep-deprived, I do not function, and when I do not function, I do poorly that entire day. But wow, I aced the opener, then I moved on to AP Lit, where I dozed off in the middle of his lecture of examples of great UC essays and not so great ones. In Econ, I had a quiz and aced that as well, where it got to some extent that I questioned how I was doing so well all of a sudden. Did I know the material by heart or something? That can’t be because I didn’t spend time to review anything related to it. What was going on? And as the day went on, I was worried about my AP Psych test the most. It was our first chapter test and I didn’t know what to expect like what material would be on there or how difficult the questions would be. Turned out, it wasn’t too bad, but I had plenty of second guesses. Although I was one of the last ones to finish, when the results came in, I was satisfied with my multiple choice score (29/35 82%). I later learned that the ones I’ve missed were all from the last few pages of the chapter that I didn’t read. For example, when I saw win-win situation as an answer choice, I thought that it was one of those throwaway choices. Turned out, it was the answer and trying to finish the chapter, I read it and was disappointed that I could’ve done better if I read more. But 82%, I am satisfied and with that in mind, I walked myself home and slept the earliest I’ve ever slept in the 17 years of my life, 12 hours – 6:55 AM to 6:55 PM. I woke up the following morning and felt so refreshed but toward the end of that Tuesday, I dozed off again. And it was all normal from there, sleeping a standard 4-5 hours a night. This week had got me thinking about how hectic my sleeping schedule had gotten so early in the school year and after everything I experienced that day, I need to ensure sleeping that late will never happen to me again.

With Korean, I started to take my first step to learning a new language and downloaded four apps that I thought would help me reach my goal of becoming a fluent speaker. I opened one last night and began my first lesson, the vowels and their characters. By hearing the pronunciation and visually seeing the characters, I got a nice little taste of what it’s like to self-learn something. And even though I didn’t get that far, I’m glad I was able to take that first step and next week, there should be even more progress.

Regarding the personal blog, I still haven’t updated it but I went on the site itself and started playing around with it. After customizing this blog with the background and widgets, I thought that I should do the same thing to my personal one. It took me a while to figure out that instead of just sticking to the set theme, you can personalize it and make it your own. Inspired by the artwork and animation of Big Hero 6, I googled their concepts and thought it made a nice visual for visitors. I’m sure that I will update it pretty soon, but I never really figured out what to post anymore. It should come to me in a bit but for now, I have other things on my mind.

One of those other things would include DDT and practice. After Thursday’s practice, our coach Justin Chiang told us that we are starting our competition routines soon and in order to do so, we need to solidify our rally routines. My counterpart and I exceeded the leaders’ and coaches’ expectations as first year members but now it’s time to push even more. Everything is a work in progress at this point, but it’s nice to hear that compared to the first tryouts back in  April. I have come a long way to be considered a “poop” dancer but definitely still have more to go to be what they want me to be. It’s time to step it up and we’ll see how it goes.

Last but not least as always, the art portion of the week. It is official that I have moved from the typical pencil and paper with sketching to online. Four weeks into the school year and Mr. Cepeda is already introducing the class to Adobe Illustrator. To me, I think it was pretty fast and another challenge to take on since I’ve never been familiar to such a thing. It’s unfortunate that when he was explaining the basics earlier this week, there weren’t enough computers for everyone in the class to follow along. On top of that, he started talking about it on Monday, but I was not awake that day and fell asleep during his lecture. I heard, “You click on this this this and BOOM! You have this face.” After that, nothing for the remaining half hour until the lunch bell. Tuesday, he reviewed for those that went to the Hawaii trip for Cross Country and I didn’t manage to catch what he mentioned again. Wednesday, I forgot what he was doing and Thursday, he had a substitute. So by the end of the week, I downloaded Illustrator on my desktop but only know how to draw anchor points and not even very well. I got my feet wet as Mr. Cepeda wanted and I will for sure need to learn more as soon as possible.


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