It’s Only the Beginning

With a new school year, meaning a fresh start, I’ve been introduced to a project called the “20-Time Project” on the first day of school. According to my teacher’s explanation, it is a progressive project consisting of weekly documentation about an activity that students would like to pursue but do not have time for on a day-to-day basis. As she mentioned that our class would be required to create and maintain a blog, I became even more interested in the topic and started to brainstorm ideas.

While Mrs. Carlson continued talking about the project, I took a few moments to think of what I wanted to do that I never could. One of my first general ideas as a start was becoming more confident in myself or becoming a better son in the family. These two in particular have become both personal goals of mine that I thought would help me in the future. Regarding confidence, I joined the Dance Drill Team not only to expand my knowledge and ability to dance, but also to get rid of my stage fright. Growing up as a freestyle dancer, someone that listens to a song and moves according to what they feel is appropriate, I’ve never been exposed to choreography. By learning the different routines that our coaches have prepared, it’s difficult as a first-timer to grasp every move so rapidly. When we would have a run-through with different groups, I can’t help but mess up on the majority of the routine, partly due to the fact that I’m not confident in myself and what I’m doing. Similarly to tests, I always have doubt whether or not the moves are correct, or if they are correctly executed. In addition, there are certain facial expressions associated with the moves and everything is just thrown off once the music plays. On the other hand, with being a better son, I’ve had family issues where I do not commit to the family and seem to care as much as my parents want me to. As the eldest son, I’m expected in my household to do the typical balance school and list of chores and responsibilities. As I can say that I am more academically driven than my siblings, my older sister and younger brother, in this day and age, the motive to pursue what I am supposed to, is not there. With that in mind, I was thinking of using this project as a certain opportunity to make up for what I couldn’t have all these years, and might as well do it now because my parents aren’t getting any younger.

The next day, our class was able to brainstorm even more and come up with as many ideas as possible. Mrs. Carlson advised us to research and look at the topics that others have done in the past where it would give us the jist of it and enable us to take it from there. Looking at the list of previously used ideas, I scrolled through it and considered the options: cooking more – making a dish once a week or helping my mom out at least in the kitchen; keep a blog – update it weekly or as often as possible since I am still inconsistent with the personal blog that I intended to keep and maintain over the years of my life; fixing cars and making computers – never as I told my tablemates, “That’s a Jaydev thing,” (Jaydev is the math God and has a deep interest with Physics).

With everyone around me saying that they have no idea what to do, I was thinking of my sleep schedule and how messed up it’s become. I considered my activity that I haven’t been able to do that I would want to would be, wait for it…sleeping early. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, what a big activity”, “That’s not really a good one”, “You can do better.” But it seems to be life-changing if I do commit to it and attempt to sleep before midnight once a week, then take it a step further by sleeping twice, three times, and so forth, all the way to a full week, regardless of school and homework and practice. It’s going to be an extensive project so I think it’s doable but like the blog, how consistent will I be? And how effective would this project be for me?

As of now, it is past midnight and I am currently working on my homework while listening to Spotify and I haven’t even showered yet. Gross! Yes, I know. And that’s why I say that I could use a good night’s sleep for once as I actually am considering sleeping early to be the topic, idea, activity, whatever it may be categorized as for the “20-Time Project”. Because the time to decide on the topic is later on and this post is meant to be a brainstorming post, to see what we’ve thought about, I want to look into it more and decide when the time comes. On that note, wish me luck tonight. It’s the second day of Senior Year and I am dying. At least tomorrow (today) is late day Wednesday, if that helps.



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